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Name:Heather May Jennings
Birthdate:Sep 18
Location:Dobbs Ferry, New York, United States of America
Website:@ dreamlikenewyork

Heather May Jennings knows she's one of the lucky ones in life. She married her high school sweetheart, Joe, just a year and a half out of high school and very soon after, welcomed three beautiful children from her one, and only, pregnancy - triplets, Sally, Lila, and Brett. Her marriage to Joe has been going strong ever since, and she is proud of every one of her children.

In a sense, their stable family life is why they decided to become a foster family when the kids were in their teens. It was Joe's work as a counsellor for children and teens with mental health that had them deciding they wanted to foster an older child, and soon, they were getting notification that they had been approved as a foster family, and a young man named Zed Blaze would come to live with them. They had barely a couple of days notice of his arrival, and in that time, Heather shopped up a storm for a lad his age, and she and Joe sat down with the kids and explained that Zed was coming from an abusive environment and they weren't to interrogate him.

The triplets were wonderful, and even if it was a shaky start with Zed clearly traumatised, he soon became a part of the family. He was a quiet and polite kid, quite withdrawn initially but gradually warmed up to being another kid of Heather and Joe's. To this day, Zed is as much their child as the triplets are, though he would soon come to reveal some shocking details about his past that Heather could never have seen coming.

Heather's best friend since childhood is Karla Jameson. Heather was about 6 months pregnant with the triplets when she went on a break to New Orleans with Karla. She wasn't going to go, but she got talked into it and she would forever be glad she didn't. She was the only sober one in the group of friends, and was the one who had found Karla in the wake of the horrific rape she fell victim to. Despite being horrified and shocked at what happened, she kept the most level head she could, and ultimately helped Karla through it. She was the one who was there for her best friend when she discovered she was pregnant, and was there to support her when she decided to keep the baby... a son called Richie.

Karla inevitably suffered Post-Natal Depression and struggled to accept Richie as her son. Heather had her hands full with newborn triplets, and she knew it had to have been hard for Karla to see her embrace motherhood wholeheartedly while she suffered so much pain not being able to accept her son, the product of the awful trauma she suffered. Eventually Karla started to heal and she was soon stepping up to the plate to be Richie's mommy. Heather was there to support her the whole way, trying to help her with hints and tips of motherhood. As a result, the triplets and Richie grew up very close, with very much a boys versus the girls situation on the regular.

Now, the kids are grown up and living their own lives, all very successful. She is incredibly proud of them and her friendship with Karla is still as tight as ever. Heather never went to college right out of school, instead being a wife and mother. She waited until the kids were well into school and took a paralegals course. She is now Paralegal and Executive Assistant to prominent and very successful New York Attorney, Mark Campbell and couldn't love her work more if she tried.

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